comfort of home.

a nice relaxing evening spent at home last night with the boys.  an early dinner, more discussion on interviews and scheduling [see updated list] and getting a few things done while in my studio.  i stress few as for some reason i was exhausted.  basically all i accomplished is getting something ready to ship out this morning and sipping hot chocolate while checking e-mail.  i also got sucked into a new show on television.  have any of you seen related on the wb?  there is absolutely nothing on tv on monday nights and my always ready backup of food network failed me as emeril was on – so not the emeril fan.  while flipping, i found related.  great show – immediately got sucked in.  was excited to find something on on mondays but alas, apparently it’s actually on wednesdays.  of course, on at the same time as lost.  as lost isn’t going to be on for three weeks – why?!?! – i guess i’ll have something else to watch instead although i’m hoping they replay the episode i missed while in kentucky as i felt a bit out of the loop last week.  but have no fear!  remember, what i mentioned yesterday?  i ordered a new tivo!  i checked already this morning and the estimated delivery date is thursday or friday – WAHOO!  that means andy will be able to hook it up and i’ll be able to set all of my season pass choices.  i can then go back to watching tv whenever i would like and not when the networks tell me i have to.  so take that!

another something fun i found recently, thanks to miss gabbygoogle talk.  so very cool.  it’s an IM tool, but you’re also able to talk to one another via a microphone while doing other tasks.  i chatted with another scrapping buddy, susan, on sunday.  andy even said a quick hello.  my friends, you must download this nifty tool.  that goes as well to my dear sister if she happens to be reading this.

and in other news… #20 was received yesterday and is being declined due to a booked schedule, it doesn’t trump any of the other choices.  #28 was also nixed from the list.

[updated list : 10.24.05]

  1. university of wisconsin [madison] (10.7.05)
  2. university of michigan [ann arbor] (10.17.05)
  3. university of missouri [columbia] (10.6.05)
  4. university of indiana [indianapolis] (10.8.05)
  5. allegheny [pittsburgh] (10.22.05)
  6. bni [phoenix] (10.6.05)
  7. university of iowa [iowa city]
  8. johns hopkins [baltimore]
  9. northwestern [chicago]
  10. university of chicago
  11. rush [chicago] (10.14.05) 
  12. loyola [chicago] (10.6.05)
  13. university of illinois [chicago] (10.20.05)
  14. illinois-peoria (10.6.05)
  15. university of california [san diego] (10.21.05)
  16. university of colorado [denver]
  17. henry ford [detroit] (10.18.05)
  18. wayne state [detroit]
  19. mayo [rochester] (10.14.05)
  20. suny [buffalo] (10.24.05)
  21. university of north carolina [chapel hill] (10.18.05)
  22. cincinnati (10.6.05)
  23. case western [cleveland] (10.5.05)
  24. cleveland clinic [cleveland]
  25. university of tennessee [memphis]
  26. vanderbilt [nashville] (10.17.05)
  27. baylor [houston] 
  28. utah [salt lake city] (10.17.05) 
  29. medical college of wisconsin [milwaukee] (10.5.05)
  30. minnesota [minneapolis] (10.10.05)
  31. dartmouth [new hampshire] (10.10.05)


  1. YAY for your new TIVO! 😀 Awesome news, my friend!! And thanks for the tip about Google talk – sounds very cool. Those google folks are always coming up with fun stuff!

    Looks like almost every name on the list is either red or green now : your journey toward certainty is moving steadily along! :)

  2. so glad you had a great weekend!

  3. You have definitely talked me into getting a tivo! :)

    I haven’t heard of google talk yet – am going to download it now!!

  4. so glad you had a great weekend!

  5. so glad you had a great weekend!

  6. ahem.
    wednesday nights, w/o lost, you will be watching veronica mars, my friend…. tee hee. and because MY number is still green– you can then plan on me converting you to a full-fledged vmars-o-phile when you move to NC… 😉 cannot wait to chat– soon!

  7. I just got google talk too! I havent used it yet :)

  8. Where have I been?? I did not know you had a blog. And what’s this list???? I thought Michigan was a sure thing!!! There ARE no better options!! 😉

  9. OK, it’s kind of funny (and a little scary) how invested in this whole process I am :p

    And I’m on the hunt for that mic!

  10. Just had to tell you how much I love your new banner!!!!!!!

  11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the new banner….
    and you.
    and that i can IM you to avoid work today… 😉

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