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2013 Thanksgiving Menu Plan | @melaniebauer at Melanie Makes

The Thanksgiving binder has been brought out.  It’s time to get serious about planning what we’ll be eating on Thursday.  Especially when such planning involves figuring out how to cook dinner minus the use of a range.  We still are awaiting ours and our 2013 Thanksgiving – our first in Cleveland – will definitely go down in history as “interesting.”  My mother-in-law, always the optimist, noted that at least it will be memorable.  I have no doubt that she’s right.

Actually, as I was talking through my game plan with Andy’s sister last night, I’m feeling much more confident in how I’m going to prepare everything.  With the use of two slow cookers, a toaster oven, an electric roaster and my sister-in-law’s range which is needed for her beloved sweet potatoes, I think we’re actually going to be a-okay.  (I hope.)

In my binder, I’ve kept the menu of every Thanksgiving meal that I’ve prepared.  This year marks year eight.  (That makes me feel a bit old.)  I note each recipe that I’m going to make, the magazine and page number it came from if applicable.  It’s interesting to look back and see what has had staying power and what was tried one year and was ousted the next.  The large paper peeking out is actually a colored turkey that Camryn colored when she was two.  Not sure why I’ve kept it in there, but it’s a great reminder of how fast time flies and to enjoy each and every Thanksgiving we’re able to spend together.

Here’s what will be gracing our Thanksgiving table this year :

Citrus Rubbed Turkey with Cider Gravy.  I made this turkey recipe for the first time last year and it was a total winner.  The most flavorful turkey I’ve ever made in my 7 previously cooked Thanksgivings.  Hoping for leftovers to make a few pot pies as well.

Aunt Ruthie Mashed Potatoes.  It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them.  This year, I’m going to try cooking them in the slow cooker.  Thought of doing it last year, but this year it’s a necessity.

Sweet Potato Casserole.  The dish that’s going to need an oven.  I figure I’ll make it the night before and then we’ll just reheat servings in the microwave come dinner time.  Not optimal, but it works.  

Citrus Cranberry Sauce.  The dish I always make first.  Even before any of the desserts.  It signals the beginning of my marathon cooking session.

Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing.  Love this stuff.  I’ve made it in the slow cooker the past couple of years and it’s been great to get another dish out of the oven rotation.  After cooking, it stays on warm beautifully.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Bacon.  A family favorite and one I’ve made everything Thanksgiving since I started preparing the meal for us.

Green Bean Casserole.  Because I think there’s some law that if it isn’t on your Thanksgiving table, you might be fined.

Upside Down Pumpkin Pie.  The other dish I’ll need an oven for as it’s in a 9×13 pan.  Absolutely delicious, surprising as I don’t really love an actual pumpkin pie.  I think it’s the large amount of butter in the recipe.  Butter makes everything better, right?

Dark Chocolate Brownie Pecan Pie.  No other pecan pie will do in our house.

Apple Pie.  After my pie making class this weekend, I’m feeling the need to perfect my crust and crank out another.

jellybeans.  Thanks to the Peanuts Christmas special, Camryn has declared this a food that we must have for the past couple of years.  Nothing says Thanksgiving like jellybeans, right?


The dishes without links I’m going to work on to get recipes posted soon.  Promise!


  1. What an awesome Thanksgiving dinner it will be, though how you will manage without a range is beyond me! You should consider an induction cook top. At least you could have one pot cooking!

  2. Yum! So resourceful in finding other options for cooking outside of a range :)

  3. YUM! Of COURSE you have a binder :) Impressed! Gabby’s Mom keeps binders too – I just got the binder tour on Sunday. Also quite impressive :). I agree on the jelly beans! Yum.

  4. libbywilko says:

    Looks amazing ! We don’t do thanksgiving but I can see ideas for Christmas lunch!

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