menu plan monday – february 10, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - February 10-14, 2014 | Melanie Makes

I love going into a week knowing that it’s a short school week.  I swear I look forward to days off of school as a mama more than I ever did when I actually was in school.  My daughters’ teachers find it amusing.  We have house guests arriving at the end of the week so it’ll be fun to cook for a crowd again.

Today also marks the beginning of my one year anniversary celebration of Melanie Makes!  It’s so hard to believe all of the amazing opportunities and experiences that have come my way since last February.  Take a peek at the end of this week’s menu plan for a great giveaway!

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week :

Slow Cooker Lentil and Brown Rice Tacos | Melanie Makes

Meatless Monday : Slow Cooker Lentil and Brown Rice Tacos.  The perfect, easy meal to start the week.  We love these tacos!

I’ve selected Monday as a night of the week for our family to eat a meatless meal as it tends to be more budget friendly as well as a friendlier option for the environment. My meat and potato eating husband tends to go along with this idea because I also make him a yummy dessert in addition to his meatless meal. What can I say? I’m nice like that! 

Tuesday : Parmesan Crusted Chicken.  A super easy chicken dish, perfect for a weeknight meal.  I use plain Greek yogurt when I make this, always with great results.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Pizza Soup | Melanie Makes

Wednesday : Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken Pizza.  All the flavors of a favorite pizza in soup form.  Delish!

Thai Chili Peanut Meatballs | Melanie Makes

Thursday : Thai Chili Peanut Meatballs.  One of our favorites and couldn’t be easier.  The last several times, I’ve served this over noodles instead of rice.  A nice twist!

Bacon Crusted Beer Mac and Cheese | Melanie Makes

Friday : Bacon Crusted Beer Mac and Cheese.  The ultimate dish for my Valentine.  He’s deemed it the best macaroni and cheese he’s ever had.  A true compliment.


Looking for a great dessert this week?  

Red Velvet Tres Leches Cake Trifles | Melanie Makes #Valentines4All #shop #cbias


New Recipe Review

Chicken Meatball and Orzo Soup.  A little time intensive to make the meatballs but was absolutely delicious.  I came down with a cold last week and this absolutely hit the spot.  I doubled the recipe for our family of five and would definitely make again.  

To celebrate my one year anniversary of Melanie Makes, my friends at Pasta Chips are helping me host a giveaway!  See the giveaway widget below for your chance to win!

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  1. Ummmm, can I come over to your house for dinner, basically every night this week? I just pinned EVERYTHING, because it all looks so good! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I love your blog, especially the menu plan & recipes.

  3. Love your menu plan! I thought of you as I was grocery shopping this morning. Hopefully my menu turns out as delicious as yours.
    xoxo, Stella

  4. Congrats Mel!! I have been reading for a long time….maybe since Basic Gray or before that??? So happy that you made something of your little blog (and its yummy too!).

    I have pulled a pork butt and filet mignons out of the freezer…should be a yummy week.

  5. Homemade breaded pork tenderloin is on the menu for tonight…going to try your lentil tacos on Tuesday.

  6. I just bookmarked the two slow cooker recipe to make soon! One of the dishes on my menu this week is Baked Pizza Pasta.

  7. I just bookmarked your chicken pot pie recipe. This week I’m trying the beer and bacon mac and cheese. It looks so good!

  8. Sounds yummy. I had your Thai Meatballs on the menu for this week too.

  9. I am trying ham and cheese pockets (made with pizza dough) this week. Crossing fingers!

  10. This week is going to be a new one – vegetarian tostadas

  11. One thing I plan on making this week are Sloppy Hot Wing Joes.

  12. Definitely those Thai meatballs! Those look delicious!

  13. libbywilko says:

    Congratulations on your year anniversary for the blog! I always am amazed by your weekly meal plans. I used to love cooking but my kids aversion to anything interesting has severely cut the fun.

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