Say Hello to Truman

Say hello to Truman Clarence, the newest member of our family.  We’re now a family of nine including five humans, two cats, a turtle and now a dog.

truman 2

I’ve wanted a golden doodle since I met one way back when Andy and I were living in Missouri.  I was in a dog jog sans dog but met someone with a gorgeous dog.  I asked what kind it was and remember looking the breed up online using our dial up internet.

truman 1

By chance, I found this guy at a breeder an hour away last week when Andy was out of town.  Texts began, phone calls were made and I went to meet him last Saturday.

truman 3

Yesterday morning I got up early and made the trip again to bring our sweet guy home – a surprise for the menagerie who had no clue what I was up to.  He’ll be five months this week and is about 30 pounds.  By the size of his paws, we’re guessing he’ll be at least 60 pounds when full grown.

truman 4

Technically, Truman – named after our alma mater’s mascot – is Carson’s birthday present as he is absolutely obsessed with dogs.  He was definitely excited and perhaps a bit overwhelmed that he now has his very own “dog dog.”

truman 5

We really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dog for our family.  He’s fit in well thus far minus his furry feline brothers who aren’t so sure about him yet, Thomas moreso than Duke.  This isn’t surprising whatsoever as Thomas isn’t a fan of anyone or anything but me usually.


The one thing we have to do is to teach him to go down stairs.  He’ll go up – usually to follow me or to figure out where the cats are – but refuses to come down on his own thus Andy or I end up lugging him back down.  I never thought I’d be carrying a 30+ pound dog anywhere, let alone down stairs!


  1. libbywilko says:

    He looks adorable, so fluffy ! We are looking at getting cavoodle puppies , hopefully this year as we have a 7 year old who adores dogs and a 5 year old who is rather scared by dogs. They will add nicely to our guppies lol.

  2. He is so cute! What a lucky pup to be part of your family. Enjoy him – he looks so cuddly!!!

  3. awww! how sweet! HELLO Truman!

  4. Beautiful pup! Carson looks soooooooooo happy!! (they all do really but his face is so cute!). Enjoy Truman and your family NINE! (I faint at the thought!)

  5. Yeah!!! Congrats on the new addition! Welcome to doggie-hood. Training is like having a child at first but does get easier :) love the photo of Carson and Truman.

  6. LaurieJ says:

    Congratulations! How wonderful! Truman looks like a real sweetie pie. And he looks so soft and cuddly. Enjoy. And I must say, you have a very cute family.

  7. Funny! I remember you wanting that breed of dog when you lived her! Glad you finally got him – and LOVE his name! MIZ!

  8. He is SO cute!!!! The kids look so happy.

  9. Shannon R says:

    We have a 6 month old goldendoodle. She did not like the stairs at all when we first got her. I had to carry her as well. Thankfully, that didn’t last long.

    Truman looks about the same size as Lulu…I’m curious to see how big she gets. She is about 27 lbs now at 6 months.

    Enjoy your new pup! Can’t wait to see more pictures of him.

  10. Allison Stocker says:

    He’s freakin adorable! Wished you still lived in Madison so we could come over and meet him. We’d dog-sit anytime!

  11. He is adorable – congrats to the addition to your family!

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